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HIPAA Compliant Document Storage

  • Do you have a storage room in your hospital full of excess medical films (X-ray films, CT scans, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, Dryview, and many others) from unactive patients, but need to hold on to the films because of HIPAA laws? Do you pay thousands of dollars a year on storage fees to companies such as Iron Mountain? Looking for a way to stay HIPAA compliant, save money, free up some space, and be able to access your films from any authorized computer in your office? What if we told you we’ll scan and digitize your X-rays for free? We are HIPAA compliant, and we strictly adhere to the stringent privacy policies set forth.



Silver Recovery Partnership

  • International Surplus provides free digitization of your medical films in exchange for the silver value of them. This means we will scan your entire inventory of films and then reclaim the silver from them. This mutually beneficial partnership allows for an easy solution to the Federal EHR mandate, and help keep the planet green by reusing precious resources that are abundant in large amounts of medical X-ray films.



Cost effective vs Free

  • Many companies offer cost effective solutions to incorporating digital films onto your PACS system. Some may charge as little as $1 to $3 per sheet of X-ray film in bulk quantities. But what is better; Cost Effective or Free?


PACS Support

  • We scan the studies in DICOM format and are able to stream directly to your PACS server (One or Multiple destinations if you prefer) as soon as they are digitized through a secure VPN connection. You’ll get a bi-weekly batch of studies streamed to you until the process is complete so you’re always updated on what’s going on.



Free Pickup

  • We are able to provide free nationwide pick up of your medical films. In fact, you don’t have to pay a dime for any part of the service whatsoever. From pick up, to scanning the films, to securely shredding the patient records after scanning, to the delivery of your images onto your PACS server. Our free service is completely turnkey.


  • Rest assured, from the moment our trucks leave your facility, we assume all liability associated with your medical films. Please contact us if you have any special insurance or liability requirements to ensure that all coverage needs will be met.


Quality Scans

  • We use the latest in VIDAR X-ray digitizing technology, and HP Z class workstations to ensure the highest quality medical scans and security for your films. We take the quality of our service very seriously, and are committed to providing the most professional result. After all, your films are used to diagnose and treat real people in real situations. Many scanning companies don’t understand this, and compromise on quality for quantity. We stand by our service. Free doesn’t mean lower quality!

Get Started

  • For any given project, we request pictures of the films as they are stored. From that point, your job is done! We will then prepare a pick up strategy based on the volume of films. Our team will come to your facility and pack your films from the shelves and secure them for transport. No need to separate the films from the X-ray jackets/sleeves as they are necesarry for entering information into the DICOM study.


  • Once the films arrive to our warehouse (or if you prefer, once our team arrives to your warehouse with our portable scanners), we create a new project case on our server. Your films get put into the queue. Our highly trained HIPAA certified staff sorts through your films and scans each one separately, carefully entering the data as they go. Depending on your preference, and what is more convenient for you, you will receive either a bi-weekly delivery to your PACS server over a secure VPN connection, or once the project is complete we can supply you with a secure hard disc drive containing your studies.


  • After every project is complete, we supply you with a certificate of destruction stating all films have been destroyed according to HIPAA guidelines. All patient files such as papers, reports, jackets/sleeves get securely shredded and recycled. The films themselves get washed with a non-toxic chemical enzyme wash to remove the silver content from the PET plastic base.
  • The value of this silver from the recycling program covers the cost of scanning your films, while providing us a small profit. The PET plastic is then shredded and recycled into a reusable market.


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